Analysis of PI®-Wasser Crystals by Hagalis AG

Tap water (base water) 400 times mag­ni­fied
PI®-Wasser PI®-Wasser Untersuchung durch Hagalis: Leitungswasser
PI®-Water 400 times mag­ni­fied
PI®-Wasser Untersuchung durch Hagalis: PI®-Wasser

The Hagalis insti­tute in Switzer­land (Herd­wan­gen-Schö­nach) is con­sid­ered as a pio­neer in water research. The crys­tal analy­ses done by them are one of the most insight­ful meth­ods to deter­mine the over­all qual­i­ty of water. Apart from the aston­ish­ing accu­ra­cy and great sig­nif­i­cance of the Hagalis crys­tal analy­ses, it is sat­is­fy­ing that every test can be repro­duced and so the sci­en­tif­ic char­ac­ter of the tests is always ful­filled.

The fol­low­ing crys­tal images clear­ly show the changed crys­tal fig­ures before and after pass­ing through the PI®-Power Com­pact Sys­tem.

“PI®-Water in 400x mag­ni­fi­ca­tion shows beau­ti­ful, star-shaped 60° angu­lar con­fig­u­ra­tions, which are oth­er­wise observed only in very high qual­i­ty spring water.”

“Espe­cial­ly in bio­log­i­cal and as well as tech­ni­cal terms, very good val­ues were in this case observed. The improve­ment over tap water is high hence the con­sumer can assume that this is a very healthy, high qual­i­ty drink­ing water he will ben­e­fit from.”

Andreas Schulz
Hagalis AG, Herd­wan­gen-Schö­nach

The investigation by Hagalis Institute also confirms:

PI®-Power Compact

  • Ensures high ener­gy enrich­ment
  • Can reduce the redox poten­tial to an excel­lent val­ue of ‑490 mV
  • Reduces pol­lu­tants in tap water to a min­i­mum
  • Neu­tralis­es all pol­lu­tant infor­ma­tion
  • Forms crys­tal struc­tures in water just like in the finest nat­ur­al spring water
  • Sup­plies water with bio-avail­able min­er­als and trace ele­ments which stim­u­late and sup­port metab­o­lism
  • Gives water high vital­i­ty and bio­log­i­cal qual­i­ty