The meaning of water in the body

The meaning of water in the body

Immediately after birth, the human body comprises more than 90% water. In the case of natural death, i.e

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The body’s water content is directly correlated to the ageing process. People who drink a great deal of water live longer, are more healthy and receive youth and beauty. All bodily functions such as blood circulation and digestion are dependent on positive water levels in the body. If we drink too little over a long period of time, the blood pressure rises and cholesterol can be deposited in dangerous quantities.

Adipose cells are hardly still destroyed, the skin becomes dry and sallow and tends towards cellulite – also one of the possible consequences of a metabolism which has become lethargic due to water deficiency. We need to learn that drinking water is the pre-requisite for vitality and attractiveness. Modern medicine also confirms that many chronic diseases are attributable to water deficiency, for example chronic back pain or migraine and therefore speaks of “water diseases”. Liquids with optimal biological- physical properties such as PI® Water can be absorbed by the cells very quickly and with little expenditure of energy.

“Beverages are liquids with completely different biological-physical properties from those that naturally pure, energised drinking water exhibits, which is a balsam for the body.”

Dr. M.D


Liquids with optimum biological-physical properties such as PI® Water can be absorbed by the cells very quickly and with little expenditure of energy.

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The cortex comprises 84 %, muscles 75 %, the heart 74 % and the neurons 70 % water! 2/3 of the human body’s water content is in the cell, 1/3 is outside the cell.This water is in constant movement, the intracellular body water is renewed every nine days.

“The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates.”

Explains Dr. Alexis CARREL

(Nobel prize for medicine)

“The prerequisite for the cell to last forever is regular renewal of this extracellular fluid. Not every water can guarantee “eternal life”. The difference between a biologically active cell liquid and ordinary water is in its physical structure, the spatial arrangement of its molecules (geometry). Disturbing this order is related to illnesses.”

PI® Water meets the requirements that the human cell places on water. PI®Water gets into the cell quickly and with little expenditure of energy. The ageing process can be slowed, the perfect functioning of the organism is supported from within.

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