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The Ten Most Important Reasons for PI®-Water

  1. PI®-Water: as valuable as living mountain spring water thanks to the “four-phase” technology
  2. PI®-Water: refreshing, invigorating and activating
  3. PI®-Water: slightly mineralised and energised and absolutely free from any contaminants
  4. PI®-Water: ideal for meeting daily fluid requirements
  5. PI®-Water: perfectly suited to use in the kitchen for greater safety & enjoyment
  6. PI®-Water: ideal for purification and detoxification due to the only slight mineralisation
  7. PI®-Water: is absorbed very easily by the human cell membranes due to the very small PI®-Water molecules and it thus regenerates the body from its interior
  8. PI®-Water: increases the haemoglobin value in the blood and thus physical performance and vitality
  9. PI®-Wasser: based on empirical know-how and very profound, longstanding knowledge of PI®-research
  10. PI®-Water: the only technology which completely prepares and repairs water

Consumer Information

A conventional scientific proof of an effect and prima causa is currently unavailable.
Previous records researched under laboratory conditions using alternative methods indicate an efficiency though. However the described efficiency is so far based primarily on our observation and personal experience.
Any published statement by scientists and comments from our clients express solely their own view of the matter.