PI®-water pays off

The PI® technology…

…an investment in health and enjoyment that pays off.

The initial investment costs of a Pi® Power Compact system appear to be at first glance very high

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. Comparing this with the expenses for mineral water over a longer period of time, however, the picture changes very quickly.

PI®-Water / Mineral Water
Daily costs in comparison

Pi Water Costs

(Note.: This example refers to a cost estimate for a 4-person household with a consumption of 2 liters of water per day/person for a period of 8 years.)

In the cost comparison, the following aspects were not considered, but play a significant role in the decision:

  • Transport cost of mineral water (aspect sustainability/ CO2-footprint)
  • Recycling costs of PET- bottles or return shipment & cleaning of returnable bottles
  • Personal time needed for mineral water
  • Physical effort for “crate dragging”

Considering only the last two issues, the consumer will surely use the mineral water only for drinking, other important areas of use at home (cooking, tea, coffee, washing of vegetables and fruit, the supplying of domestic animals and plants) and in the medical field (for doctors, naturopaths, etc.), however, continue to be made with tap water. The boiling of tap water (e.g. for pasta water) does not lead to an improvement of the quality of the tap water, because the water impurities are mainly temperature resistant

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. (This applies to tap water that complies with the microbiological guidelines of the Drinking Water Regulations.)

Consumer Information

A conventional scientific proof of an effect and prima causa is currently unavailable.
Previous records researched under laboratory conditions using alternative methods indicate an efficiency though. However the described efficiency is so far based primarily on our observation and personal experience.
Any published statement by scientists and comments from our clients express solely their own view of the matter.