What customers report

T.S., Germany

“Dear Mr. Vogl, I found a work colleague interested in PI®-Technology

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. I told him I would request a sample pack for him where he would find all information. One more question: is there a book available at a specialist bookshop which you can recommend which contains something about water research or PI®-Technology? I am very interested in the scientific side of this. I would also like to tell you that I have been operating the device for 3 weeks now and I am drinking PI®-Water every day and I have ascertained the following.

1. My sleep requirements have decreased by approx. 2 hours.
2. Although my knees still grate, my knee pain when I play tennis has almost completely disappeared.
3. Inwardly I feel quite light and trouble-free and my joints move as if they have been oiled. I am curious as to whether all deposits in my body will completely dissolve at some time. I have not yet heard anything from my parents. I am curious as to when they will react. Kind regards, T.S.”

Dipl.Ing.R.P., Austria

“Please find enclosed the address of Ms. C.H. Please send her information about PI®-Water. Ms H. Is very open to alternative healing with natural substances, etc

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. PI®-Water would surely be of interest to customers in the chemist’s and also for the chemist’s family. Thank you for processing our order quickly and for the good water we have been able to enjoy for a long time. We wish you continued success! Now… we are also using PI®-Water for plant protection. With a great deal of success, as we have ascertained. Like in homeopathy, PI®-Water has a great informational capacity and thus promotes the resistance and healing of plants…”

Dr. D.L., Dentist, E., NRW, Germany

“My life has changed completely. I feel a great deal fresher and more healthy. And PI®-Water is absolutely ideal for my dental practice.”

Hans P.. Oenologist, Biochemist, Winegrower, Burgenland, Austria

“PI®-Water is my healing water, I don’t know anything that compares to it. I used to drink Lauretana, but PI®-Water is much better.”

Prof. Dr. A. S., Erfurt, Germany

“We are very happy with the system. It is an interesting experience that the body suddenly “wants” to drink considerably more than is otherwise the case. We feel really well, we are very pleased with the PI®-Fitting, we are happy that we decided to buy it.”

K.H. Healer, Rhineland Palatinate, Germany

“Please send us another PI®-Power Compact system for our kitchen so that we do not need to fetch PI®-Water from the practice all the time.”

Eva G.V., 93, Housewife, Mattighofen, Austria

“For the last 10 years I have been drinking between 2 and 2.5 litres of PI®-Water on a daily basis. And rather more when I am playing tennis. Since I have been drinking PI®-Water I no longer have any problems with my metabolism and am very rarely cold – I am really well. I also use it as skin care – and that is especially important at my age.”

Manuel and Ingeborg H., Healers, Göttingen, Germany

“My first reaction was that my metabolism had improved significantly. We drink our PI®-Water on a daily basis and it does our patients a great deal of good too. PI®-Water is ideally suited to drainage therapy in particular.”

Christian R., 48, Wels, Austria

“With PI®-Water I have been able to decrease my marathon time by almost 10%. Simply great.”

Michael H., 36, St. Martin, Austria

“My guests are always thrilled when I serve PI®-Water between courses because it neutralises the taste and is really good preparation for the next course. I also always drink PI®-Water when I am tasting to ensure that my taste remains neutral. Of course, I use nothing but PI®-Water for cooking, washing vegetables and other purposes.”

Dr. Helga N., Salzburg, Austria

“My clients get PI®-Water whenever they come to see me, as amost everyone drinks too little and is therefore dehydrated. The enlivening effect of PI® makes you more attentive and increases your concentration. This considerably improves the efficiency of meetings.”

Zuzana V., Bratislava, Slovakia

“I give my children nothing but PI®-Water. Of course, I also prepare the bottles of my youngest child with nothing but PI®-Water. And she loves the taste. My husband always takes 2 bottles with him to the office and also when he is cycling at the weekend.”

Dr. Helmut R., Doctor, Mannheim, Germany

“It simply does me good. I feel very well.”

Elisabeth Sch.-Kn., Frankfurt

“As I have metal in my teeth, your water tastes like velvet and silk, so delicate and soft. I drink 3 litres a day or more.”

Elisabeth R., Health food retailer, Lippstadt, Germany

“My customers buy PI®-Water from my shop – PI®-Water sells very well in my shop. And it is getting increasingly popular. I understand why because it does me a great deal of good too. I always feel fresh and when I am feeling a little weary, a glass of PI®-Water quickly revives me.”

Martina T. Erfurt, Germany

“We have such hard water here in Erfurt – since I have had the PI®-System I enjoy drinking my tea again, everything without limescale. It tastes simply fantastic.”

Dr. Franz A., Doctor, Schärding, Austria

“I no longer look at any other water. I drink my 2-3 litres every day and my values are excellent.”

Franz S. Tax advisor, Vöcklamarkt, Austria

“My employees no longer want to drink anything else at all. And my clients think it tastes excellent too. And I enjoy it too.”

Dr. Gorazd G., Ljubljana, Slovenia

“Clean water is a a real joy for my family and me. I can no longer imagine anything else. This has been made possible thanks to PI®-Technology.”

Peter W., Munich, Germany

“Finally limescale-free. And neither do I need to worry any more about the other dirt in the tap water. My PI®-System simply protects me from everything.”

Heinz S., Baden –Baden, Germany

“Dear Mr. Vogl, We are overjoyed with our system. Not a slight bit of limescale, no nitrate, super taste, inclination to drink water, even more pleasure from cooking – a fantastic feeling all roundl! Thank you very much once again.”

Consumer Information

A conventional scientific proof of an effect and prima causa is currently unavailable.
Previous records researched under laboratory conditions using alternative methods indicate an efficiency though. However the described efficiency is so far based primarily on our observation and personal experience.
Any published statement by scientists and comments from our clients express solely their own view of the matter.