Information on pH Value

What do we mean by pH value?

The pH value states the hydrogen ion concentration of a liquid which is to be compared with the proton concentration. Numbers for the terms “acidic” (< pH 7), “base” (> pH 7) and “neutral” (= pH 7) can be obtained via the pH measurement. Acids can be understood as proton donors, bases as proton accepters. Very low-mineral waters generally have a slightly acidic pH value. Scientists such as the renowned french hydrologist Prof. Vincent predominantly see the advantages as being that the renal function and therefore the excretion performance of the kidneys is stimulated by drinking slightly acidic water.

Conventional medical studies prove that drinking water with a slight mineral proportion – prepared in a high-quality manner – promotes the excretion of uric acid. PI®-Water is therefore a gentle way of detoxifying the body very naturally. The acid- or base-forming effect of a food depends on the way it is metabolised by the body. Even fruit and vegetables, i.e. foods which clearly have a surplus of bases have a pH value below pH 7.

In order to attain a balance of acids and bases, several factors need to be taken into account:

• Consumption of foods with a surplus of bases
• Do not consume coffee, tea, alcohol and nicotine

• Reduce stress
• Targeted intake of food supplements in certain circumstances

The pH value in the tissue is raised by means of these measures. The body is now ready to ‘get rid of’ the waste acid arising as a result of overacidification – and it needs as much transportable water as possible for this purpose (water with a high hydration ability) i.e. which possesses a great deal of binding capacity due to slight mineralisation and which bind the acidic waste lingering in the body and can remove it from the body via the kidney.

The competence of water for the manufacture of a balanced acid-base ratio therefore lies in its function as a transport medium – and not in increasing the pH value in the tissue per se. This happens as an indirect effect by the evacuation of acidic waste

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. Added to this is the fact that it is ultimately crucial whether a substance or liquid has an acid-forming, neutral or base-forming effect in the body (cf. lemon juice: quality: sour, effect: base-forming).