Light water

“Light” water is healthy water

Water acts as a solvent in the body. It cleanses our body from inside. Water needs to be “transportable” so that it fulfills its metabolic duties well and creates health and well-being. Modern medicine ascribes the ability to bind metabolic decomposition products well and eliminate them from the body to waters with a low mineral salt content in particular.

Such waters have a great binding capacity and act like a sponge with great suction power. They contain extremely small amounts of limescale and salt – we refer to “light” waters

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. Tap water often contains 500 milligrams of dissolved sediments, mineral water even 1000 or more milligrams of dissolved sediments per liter. The light, slightly mineralized PI® water contains fewer than 25 milligrams of dissolved sediments per liter.

“Only slightly mineralized waters tend to equalize their free bonding valencies. Only such waters can function as a full-value biological carrier medium.”

Univ. Prof. Dr. Florian Überall

Medical University of Innsbruck/Austria