Living water

Living water

From a chemical perspective, water consists of two positively charged hydrogen atoms and a negatively charged oxygen atom. The positively and negatively charged particles attract one another and form bonds via hydrogen bridges, the so-called clusters.

Due to the hydrogen bridges, water should actually be a solid object

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. But due to the fact that some of the hydrogen bridges are repeatedly detached in order to directly form a new bond again, the water remains liquid

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. Water can therefore be described as “liquid crystal”.

Hydrogen bonds

The informative power of water

Due to its physical structure as liquid crystal, water can absorb, store and pass on frequency samples of other substances. The hydrogen bridges are responsible for this. Today we talk about ‘a memory of water’ and thus also explain the mode of action of homeopathy.

PI®-Water is pure and living water because it is initially freed from unrefined contaminants and limescale, the contaminant information of which is deleted, very slightly remineralized and energized with the most effective known vitalization procedure, the Japanese PI®-Cell Vitalizer.

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Living Water

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