Mineral substances in the water

Mineral substances from water are 35% absorbed by the body (bioavailability). The volumes of the essential minerals dissolved in water calcium, magnesium and potassium are only very low, however – they play no part in supplying the body with minerals. The sales argument of mineral water producers that their products are “healthy” due to the mineral substances contained is not comprehensible. The World Health Organization (WHO) also agrees to this opinion.

In its “Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality” the WHO indicates that “many consumers in European and some other countries believe that mineral water has medicinal qualities

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. However, there is as yet no convincing scientific proof of the postulated positive effects of such waters”. The example of French mineral water shows how “low” most waters are in essential minerals:

  • Ingredients

    • Calcium: 78 mg
    • Magnesium: 24 mg
    • Potassium: 1 mg

  • of which bioavailable

    • 27 mg
    • 8,4 mg
    • 0,35 mg

  • Daily requirements

    • 1000 mg
    • 400 mg
    • 1000 mg

  • necessary volume to meet daily requirements

    • 37 litres
    • 48 litres
    • 2857 litres

The body obtains vital minerals from healthy food and not from water!