Name PI® and discovery

The Name PI®

A symbol for PI® already appeared over 5000 years ago among the Sumerians, who are the most ancient historical civilisation known of to date. In the middle of the 4th Century BC, they wandered from the east or southeast to southern Mesopotamia. In their cuneiform (wedgeshaped) writing, the symbol π, pronounced “pi”, meant vital energy.

The original PI symbol in the cuneiform writing.


The empirical development of PI®-Technology goes back to physiological research of plant cells and water at the University Nagoya, Japan. The Japanese scientist Prof. Shoi YAMASHITA discovered in 1964 that the “living water” in plants is considerably different from common drinking and spring water in terms of its biological and physical properties and is very similar to our body’s own cell water. Prof. Shoi YAMASHITA named this living water ‚PI®-Water‘; in 1985 this name was protected worldwide as a registered trade mark. As findings from international research on functional coherences and the significance of water to health and vitality gained clarity and precision, the criteria for healthy water could be formulated more precisely.

In the light of the increasing pollution of the natural water cycle, Prof. Shoi YAMASHITA established PI®-Research with the aim towards preparing normal tap water in such a way as to reproduce living water that conforms to cell life: PI®-Water with properties such as those only produced by Nature herself until now

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. Analogous to primordial events of untouched nature, PI®-Water technology reproduces – in miniature as it were – the optimum cleansing and energizing of water.

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