4‑phase PI®-Technology: PI®-Cell Vitalizer

PI®-Cell Vital­iz­er Stan­dard
PI®-Cell Vital­iz­er Spe­cial

The heart of the four-phase-watertreat­ment tech­nol­o­gy by Dr.sc. Shin­ji Maki­no is the PI®-Cell Vital­iz­er. The cur­rent mod­el range offers two ver­sions:

  • PI®-Cell Vital­iz­er Stan­dard
  • PI®-Cell Vital­iz­er Spe­cial

The coarse-mate­r­i­al-puri­fied water is cleared of fine pol­lu­tants inside the PI®-Cell Vital­iz­er in three stages. This purifi­ca­tion process returns the water to its orig­i­nal and nat­ur­al form. The result is com­pa­ra­ble to the qual­i­ty of a liv­ing high moun­tain spring.

The phase 1 (coars mate­r­i­al purifi­ca­tion by the direct flow reverse osmo­sis) is fol­lowed by a slight rem­iner­al­iza­tion and revi­tal­iza­tion. Inside the PI®-Cell Vital­iz­er the water is swirled (phase 2), slight­ly min­er­al­ized (phase 3) and ener­gized (phase 4).

PLEASE NOTE: There must be a high­ly effi­cient water purifi­ca­tion con­nect­ed pri­or to the PI®-Cell Vital­iz­er (reverse osmo­sis with at least 95%-96% reten­tion capa­bil­i­ty). The elec­tric con­duc­tiv­i­ty of the incom­ing water may not exceed 25 µS.

PI®-Cell Vitalizer function (german version)

Purification of fine-matter pollutants: Three phases of the PI®-Cell Vitalizer

By the means of  the patent­ed pro­ce­dure devel­oped by Prof. Shoi Yamashita and Dr.sc. Shin­ji Maki­no uti­liz­ing high­ly ener­gized BCS® (Bio Con­trol Sys­tem) PI®-ceramic spheres inside the PI®-Cell Vital­iz­er the water is pre­ac­ti­vat­ed.

Set in rota­tion the water flows spi­raled along the cov­er upwards. Mean­while the tur­bu­lence neu­tral­izes pol­lu­tant infor­ma­tion.

After that the water enters the PI®-cartridge, flows down­wards pass­ing first the San­go corals and organ­ic cal­ci­um. Those mate­ri­als pro­vide a slight rem­iner­al­i­sa­tion of the water.

In the next step the clean, swirled and slight­ly min­er­al­ized water is exten­sive­ly revi­tal­ized by high­ly ener­gized ceram­ics and crys­tals.

Final­ly a PI® per­ma­nent mag­net adjusts the bio­mag­net­ic force field to the opti­mal lev­el for a human cell .


NOTE: Phase 1 “coarse sub­stance purifi­ca­tion” takes place in the direct flow reverse osmo­sis. MORE INFOR­MA­TION »

Phase 2: Turbulance

Physi­cist Dr. Wolf­gang Lud­wig proved in his water analy­sis that even after a removal of the harm­ful sub­stances, water still kept its elec­tro­mag­net­ic vibra­tions. We call it a “pol­lu­tant residue”. Accord­ing to the laws of home­opa­thy, pol­lu­tant residues can block the ener­gy flow in the body and cre­ate an ener­gy deficit, which can cause ill­ness­es.

In the low­er part of the PI®-Cell Vital­iz­er, high­ly ener­gysed BCS® (Bio Con­trol Sys­tem) PI® ceram­ic spheres of the type SS-16 acti­vate the inflow­ing water. These spheres are set into rota­tion hence the water flows heli­cal­ly upwards along the man­tle of the device. This vor­tex­ing process, just like in nature, neu­tral­izes the pol­lu­tant residues and breaks large groups of water mol­e­cules (so-called “clus­ters”) apart. This is the first step in form­ing a fine and ordered mol­e­c­u­lar struc­ture.

PI®-BCS®-Keramikkugeln Typ SS-16

Phase 3: Mineralisation an pH-value adjustment

After the water spi­raled upwards along the PI®-Cell Vitalizer’s man­tle, it enters the car­tridge and flows down­wards through the car­tridge. It meets at first the San­go corals and organ­ic cal­ci­um.

Sango corals

The res­i­dents of the Oki­nawa coral islands in south­ern Japan have an unusu­al­ly high life expectan­cy. The expla­na­tion for this unique phe­nom­e­non is the effect of so-called San­go corals. These corals, one of the most prim­i­tive microor­gan­isms of the primeval ocean, can reg­u­late the min­er­al con­tent and the pH val­ue of water. Unlike many cus­tom­ary dietary sup­ple­ments, corals release ion­ized min­er­als and trace ele­ments with high bioavail­abil­i­ty for the organ­ism.

PI®Sango Korallen
IMS®-PI®-ceramic spheres

The patent­ed ceram­ic spheres con­tain­ing organ­i­cal­ly bound­ed cal­ci­um come as next into play. By the meas of these ceram­ic spheres, which can release cal­ci­um ions, the pre­vi­ous­ly released mag­ne­sium by the corals into the water is bound. The IMS®-PI®-ceramic spheres recov­er the nat­ur­al cal­ci­um-mag­ne­sium bal­ance of the water.

As Emo­to pre­vi­ous­ly stat­ed, the water has a unique qual­i­ty to react to any of the envi­ron­men­tal impact. The main rea­sons for the slight rem­iner­al­iza­tion are the pos­i­tive oscil­la­tion- and infor­ma­tion-effect of the San­go corals on the water, a mild rise of the pH-val­ue which taste­ful­ly rounds off the water at the end. How­ev­er, the actu­al sup­ply of min­er­als is not an ele­men­tary func­tion of the water. In fact the min­er­al intake should be pro­vid­ed by fruits and veg­eta­bles hence this phase has just a very mild rem­iner­al­iza­tion effect.


Phase 4: Energization


In the fourth and last phase, the puri­fied, swirled, and slight­ly min­er­alised water flows fur­ther through high-ener­gy ceram­ics and crys­tals. The water is ener­gized and com­pre­hen­sive­ly revi­talised.


The YMS®-PI®-ceramics are patent pro­tect­ed as well. Select­ed Japan­ese high moun­tain crys­tals charge the water with their nat­ur­al ener­gy and increase its antiox­i­dant val­ue by ris­ing the elec­tron activ­i­ty.

BCS®-(Bio Control System) PI®-ceramics (type SS-16)

BCS®-PI®-ceramics (type SS-16) release iron ion (Fe2+/Fe3+) traces into the water. This ion com­bi­na­tion, which is also found in nat­ur­al cell water, affects the so-called “elec­tron spin” and ener­gy struc­ture of the water. The result is the for­ma­tion of bio-ener­getic waves which are res­o­nant with the nat­ur­al cell oscil­la­tion and par­tic­u­lar­ly help to share the infor­ma­tion among them.

BCS®-(Bio Control System) PI®-zeolithes

In the last part of the car­tridge, BCS®-PI®-ceramics are sup­port­ed by the simul­ta­ne­ous effect of zeolithe crys­tals. This high­ly porous bio­cat­a­lysts are in addi­tion able to absorb unwant­ed traces of micro-mol­e­cules and due the inter­ac­tion with the BCS®-PI®-ceramics, they can opti­mize the revi­tal­iza­tion.

PI®-permanent magnet

After the water reached the base of the PI®-Cell Vital­iz­er again, it flows upwards to the cen­ter of the device along a rod mag­net and exits towards the tap. The PI®-permanent mag­net gives the water its orig­i­nal bio-mag­net­ic prop­er­ties in the process. The untouched nature and nat­ur­al geo­mag­net­ism serve here as an exam­ple too (method accord­ing to YAMASHITA and MAKI­NO).

PI®-BCS Keramiken und PI®-Zeolithe