PI®-Cell Vitalizer


Pi Cell Vitalizer

The water is pre-activated by high-energy B.C.S.- (Bio Control System) PI®-Ceramic spheres in the PI®-Cell Vitalizer. Offset into a rotating movement, the water streams upwards in a spiral shape on the cover of the device. Contaminant information is deleted/ neutralized by this turbulence, also known as the ‘Schauberger effect’. The water then enters the PI®-Cartridge, flows downwards again where it first encounters Sango corals and organic calcium which mineralise the water slightly and thus ensure a neutral pH value. In the next step, purified, swirled and slightly mineralised water is comprehensively enlivened by high-energy ceramics and crystals. Finally, a rod magnet regulates the energisation to the optimum level for the human cell.

• deletes/neutralizes contaminant information
• remineralises water
• regulates the pH value
• reinforces the anti-oxidising power of water
• energised comprehensively – fulfilling the cell’s needs


A high efficient water purification connected upstream of the PI®-Cell Vitalizer standard is absolutely required (reverse osmosis with 95%-96% rejection rate)

outcome of testing- motor vehicle accident etc. tadalafil.

. Conditions for the incoming water: The conductivity of the incoming water after the reverse osmosis must be less than 25 μS.