PI®-Cell Vitalizer


Pi Cell Vitalizer

The water is pre-activated by high-energy B.C.S.- (Bio Control System) PI®-Ceramic spheres in the PI®-Cell Vitalizer.

Offset into a rotating movement, the water streams upwards in a spiral shape on the cover of the device. Contaminant information is deleted/ neutralized by this turbulence, also known as the ‘Schauberger effect’. The water then enters the PI®-Cartridge, flows downwards again where it first encounters Sango corals and organic calcium which mineralise the water slightly and thus ensure a neutral pH value. In the next step, purified, swirled and slightly mineralised water is comprehensively enlivened by high-energy ceramics and crystals. Finally, a rod magnet regulates the energisation to the optimum level for the human cell.

• deletes/neutralizes contaminant information
• remineralises water
• regulates the pH value
• reinforces the anti-oxidising power of water
• energised comprehensively – fulfilling the cell’s needs


A high efficient water purification connected upstream of the PI®-Cell Vitalizer standard is absolutely required (reverse osmosis with 95%-96% rejection rate) . Conditions for the incoming water: The conductivity of the incoming water after the reverse osmosis must be less than 25 μS.

Consumer Information

A conventional scientific proof of an effect and prima causa is currently unavailable.
Previous records researched under laboratory conditions using alternative methods indicate an efficiency though. However the described efficiency is so far based primarily on our observation and personal experience.
Any published statement by scientists and comments from our clients express solely their own view of the matter.