PI® Power Compact


Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis

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. The PI®-Power Compact reverse osmosis works according to the ‘direct flow’ principle, without a storage tank

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. The water first flows through two pre-filters, consisting of a sediment and a carbon filter which increase the lifespan of the membranes. Only then does it run through reverse osmosis membranes where fine filtering takes place. Two reverse osmosis membranes, type 150 GPD, subsequently purify the water of 97%-99% of its constituents, including limescale and salt. The membrane pore size only lets water molecules through. Lime, nitrates, uranium, heavy metals, hormones, pesticides etc. are rejected. The remaining wastewater flows into the effluent, the purified water towards the PI®-Cell Vitalizer.

After pre-purification has removed the coarsest substances, the water flows into the PI®-Cell Vitalizer, the centrepiece of the original IBE PI®-Technology. The water is pre-activated by high-energy B.C.S.- (Bio Control System) PI®-Ceramic spheres in the PI®-Cell Vitalizer. Offset into a rotating movement, the water streams upwards in a spiral shape on the cover of the device. Contaminant information is deleted/ neutralized by this turbulence, also known as the ‘Schauberger effect’. The water then enters the PI®-Cartridge, flows downwards again where it first encounters Sango corals and organic calcium which mineralise the water slightly and thus ensure a neutral pH value. In the next step, purified, swirled and slightly mineralised water is comprehensively enlivened by high-energy ceramics and crystals. Finally, a rod magnet regulates the energisation to the optimum level for the human cell.

Technical Data:

  • Direct production from the cold water pipe to the pure water tap.
  • The PI®-Power Compact does not need a storage tank – “standing water” is prevented.
  • Modern, compact design, extremely space saving.
  • Only approx. 0.45 litres of wastewater per litre of tap water (at 20 °C).
  • Control indicators for safe operation on the device.
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to durable membranes.
  • Filter combi set (sediment/carbon filter) protects the membranes.

Conditions for the incoming water (before the reverse osmosis):

  • The source water must meet drinking water regulations.
  • The untreated water temperature must be between 4 and 40 °C.
  • The untreated water pressure must be greater than 1,7 bar.
  • The untreated water hardness should be below 22°dH/39,2°fH in the countryside and below 25°dH/44,5°fH in town. (In case of higher values please order limescale pre-filter set.)
  • The untreated water TDS content (total of all dissolved ingredients) must be less than 600 ppm (appox. 1200 uS/cm) in the countryside and less than 850 ppm (approx. 1700 uS/cm) in town. (In case of higher values please order limescale pre-filter set.)

Consumer Information

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