PI® Power Compact Standard 300 + UV

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Model STANDARD 300 + UV


The model PI®-Power Compact Standard 300 + UV is suitable for:

• private households
• doctor’s practices
• small catering
• With additional UV-protection for microbiological deviations from the European Drinking Water Regulation


Technical data:

Performance: 1,5 -1,8 litres PI®-Water per minute
Dimensions reverse osmosis: Upright position (h x w x d): 430 mm x 110 mm x 410 mm, Horizontal position (h x w x d): 110 mm x 430 mm x 410 mm
Dimensions PI Cell Vitalizer:Diameter: 98 mm, Total height: 308 mm
Scope of delivery: UV-lamp integrated

Here you will find the product specification for downloading.