1. Purification

Phase 1: Purification
Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis

“Reverse osmosis units remove nitrates, sulphates, chloride, sodium and hardeners, and also non-solute substances such as colloidal iron, silica and asbestos fibres from water. The permeate (purified water) cannot be equated with distilled or deionised water, since a certain residual salt content remains in the water.”

From: Survey “Drinking water treatment with reverse osmosis systems”, 25
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Reverse osmosis is the most efficient way to purify water. Differently to filtration, which retains a few substances and stores them in the filter, all molecules except for the water molecule are repelled on the reverse osmosis membrane.

The pore size of the membrane corresponds to the size of the water molecule, the smallest compound in the period system.


The PI®-Power Compact Technology uses state of the art and the safest reverse osmosis system on the market, called “Direct Flow” reverse osmosis (“the new generation of reverse osmosis units” – quotation Barbara Hendel, M.D., author of “Wasser&Salz” [“Water&Salt”],”Wasser vom Reinsten” [“Purest Water”]).

Direct flow means that the water is purified as it is flowing through and no additional storage tank is therefore necessary, where there is always a risk of bacterial formation . This method delivers more than 1.5-1.8 litres of purest water per minute – without a reservoir.

PI®-POWER COMPACT frees water from:

Pi Wasser Molekülgrössen EN

PI-water complies with the criteria oft he World Health Organisation (WHO) for “suitability for baby food”.

PI® water offers a crucial health advantage. Free from limescale and salts, the purging effect which already exists due to its high energy value increases.

Thus, PI® water attains the quality of the best “living” spring waters (for example, “Lauretana – the lightest water of Europe”).

Consumer Information

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