2. Turbulence

Phase 2: Purification
of the subtle substances by turbulence

Pi Power Compact Turbulence

After pre-purification has removed the coarsest substances, the water flows into the PI® Cell Vitalizer, the centrepiece of the original IBE PI®- technology of Dr. Shinji Makino.

Contaminant information must be deleted/neutralised.

The graduate physicist Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig proved in his water analyses that water still contains the electromagnetic oscillations of contaminants even after their removal – we speak of contaminant information”.

According to the laws of homeopathy, contaminant information can block the flow of energy in the body and produce an energy deficit which can lead to disease.

PI® POWER COMPACT “cleans” on a subtle level

In the lower part of the PI® Cell Vitalizer high-energy BCS-(Bio Control System) PI® SS-16 ceramic spheres pre-activate the incoming water. These spheres are offset into a rotating movement and the water streams upwards in a spiral shape on the cover of the device.

Contaminant information is deleted/neutralised by this turbulence process in a similar way to in nature and large groups of water molecules (so-called ‘clusters’) are started – the first step to the formation of a fine and ordered molecular structure.