3. Mineralisation

Phase 3: Mineralisation
and pH value regulation

Pi Power Compact Mineralisation

After the water in the PI®-Cell-Vitalizer has flowed high on the cover in a spiral shape, it streams downwards again through a cartridge where it first meets Sango corals and organic calcium.

Coral phase

The inhabitants of Okinawa coral islands in the south of Japan have an unusually high life expectancy of 105 years on average

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. The explanation for this unique phenomenon in the world is in the effect of the Sango corals

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. These corals, which are some of the most primitive microorganisms of the primordial ocean, are able to regulate the mineral ion content and the pH of the water. As opposed to many common dietary supplement preparations, corals supply ionised minerals and trace elements at a high bioavailability for the organism.

IMS®-PI® ceramic spheres

Secondly, patented ceramic spheres are used, which contain organically bound calcium. With the aid of these ceramic spheres which can emit calcium ions, the free magnesium ions previously emitted by the corals are bound in water.

Sango corals and IMS®-PI® ceramic spheres remineralise the water slightly and thus ensure an increased pH value in the water as all hard water salts were removed by reverse osmosis (Phase 1).

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