Result: PI®-Water

PI®-water is perfect water.

PI®-Water is guaranteed to be free from contaminants. The PI®-Power Compact Technology promises uncompromising safety for you and your family, because PI®-Power Compact removes all possible contaminants from the tap water. Whether medication residue, hormones, heavy metals or uranium – none of these elements will ever again find their way into your drinking water. PI®-Water purified by reverse osmosis thus complies with the criteria of the World Health Organisation (WHO) for “suitability for baby food”.

PI®-Water is free from limescale and salts

Do you love soft water? You are not alone. The genuine taste of mountain spring water is marred by high limescale and salt content. This is why we also remove hard water salts and salts from your drinking water

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. For greater drinking pleasure. And for the best tea you have ever served.

PI®-Water has a health-promoting effect

Soft water stimulates the metabolism and promotes the elimination of metabolic waste products. With less than 1 german degree of hardness PI®-Water is one of the softest waters of all

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. Its purging effect regenerates and strengthens the immune system.

Thanks to its cell-compliant energy level and its vital, ordered molecular structure, PI®-Water helps to break down energy blockages, prevent diseases and increase your vitality. Due to its particular purity, PI®-Water therefore attains the quality of the best low-mineral, “living” spring waters (for example “Lauretana – the lightest water in Europe”).

PI®-Water throughout the household

Use PI®-Water to prepare all food and drink, from soup via the washing of fruit and vegetables to tea and coffee. Due to its high solubility, PI®-Water is also excellently suited to cleaning – your windows, for example. Your pets will also like PI®-Water, especially your fish, not to mention your plants, which will radiate previously unknown splendour.

Consumer Information

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