PI®-Water Dispenser

Model PI®-Water Dispenser

Pi Water dispenser

The PI®-Water Dispenser is suitable for:

• large doctor’s surgeries/small clinics
• pharmacies
• health clubs
• catering business
• With additional UV-protection for microbiological deviations from the European Drinking Water Regulation


Technical data:

Performance: 1,6 -2,0 litres PI®-Water per minute
Dimensions (H x L x W): max

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. 145 (adjustable) x 35 x 35 cm


Scope of delivery:
- PI Cell Vitalizer
- UV-lamp integrated

Equipment option 1: with cooling system

Suitable in particular for warmer regions or high ambient temperatures. Cooling system (cooler) is included in.

Equipment option 2: With payment system via payment cards or sticks

Payment system can be configured for 2 filling quantities and 2 prices.

Here you will find the product specification for downloading.