PI®-Water Dispenser

Model PI®-Water Dispenser

Pi Water dispenser

The PI®-Water Dispenser is suitable for:

• large doctor’s surgeries/small clinics
• pharmacies
• health clubs
• catering business
• With additional UV-protection for microbiological deviations from the European Drinking Water Regulation

Technical data:

Performance: 1,6 -2,0 litres PI®-Water per minute
Dimensions (H x L x W): max . 145 (adjustable) x 35 x 35 cm


Scope of delivery:
– PI Cell Vitalizer
– UV-lamp integrated

Equipment option 1: with cooling system

Suitable in particular for warmer regions or high ambient temperatures

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. Cooling system (cooler) is included in.

Equipment option 2: With payment system via payment cards or sticks

Payment system can be configured for 2 filling quantities and 2 prices.

Here you will find the product specification for downloading.

Consumer Information

A conventional scientific proof of an effect and prima causa is currently unavailable.
Previous records researched under laboratory conditions using alternative methods indicate an efficiency though. However the described efficiency is so far based primarily on our observation and personal experience.
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