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The unique PI®-Water

The Ten Most Important Reasons for PI®-Water

  1. PI®-Water: as valuable as living mountain spring water thanks to the ‘four-phase’ technology.
  2. PI®-Water: refreshing, invigorating and activating
  3. PI®-Water: slightly mineralised and energised and absolutely free from any contaminants
  4. PI®-Water: ideal for meeting daily fluid requirements
  5. PI®-Water: perfectly suited to use in the kitchen for greater safety & enjoyment
  6. PI®-Water: ideal for purification and detoxification due to the only slight mineralisation
  7. PI®-Water: is absorbed very easily by the human cell membranes due to the very small PI®-Water molecules and it thus regenerates the body from its interior
  8. PI®-Water: increases the haemoglobin value in the blood and thus physical performance
    and vitality
  9. PI®-Water: based on empirical know-how and very profound, longstanding knowledge of PI®-research
  10. PI®-Water: the only technology which completely prepares and repairs water