Effects of PI®-Water On The Human Body

Ageing Process

The meaning of water in the body

Immediately after birth, the human body comprises more than 90 % water. In the case of natural death, i.e. not caused by accident or illness, only far below 50 % is still present.

The body’s water content is directly correlated to the ageing process. People who drink a great deal of water live longer, are more healthy and receive youth and beauty

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. All bodily functions such as blood circulation and digestion are dependent on positive water levels in the body. If we drink too little over a long period of time, the blood pressure rises and cholesterol can be deposited in dangerous quantities. Adipose cells are hardly still destroyed, the skin becomes dry and sallow and tends towards cellulite – also one of the possible consequences of a metabolism which has become lethargic due to water deficiency. We need to learn that drinking water is the pre-requisite for vitality and attractiveness.

Modern medicine also confirms that many chronic diseases are attributable to water deficiency, for example chronic back pain or migraine and therefore speaks of ‘water diseases‘.

Soft drinks, shakes, sugared juices and sugared tea and coffee are semi-luxury foods and do not supply the body with liquid. Instead, they deprive the body of water, contaminate it with colorants and preservatives and promote obesity and development of the widespread disease diabetes due to their high sugar content.

“Beverages are liquids with completely different biological-physical properties from those that naturally pure, energised drinking water exhibits, which is a balsam for the body.”


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. M.D. Ivan ENGLER


Liquids with optimum biological-physical properties such as PI® Water can be absorbed by the cells very quickly and with little expenditure of energy.

pi water

The cortex comprises 84 %, muscles 75 %, the heart 74 % and the neurons 70 % water! 2/3 of the human body’s water content is in the cell, 1/3 is outside the cell.

This water is in constant movement, the intracellular body water is renewed every nine days.

“The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates.” explains

Dr. Alexis CARREL

(Nobel prize for medicine)

“The prerequisite for the cell to last forever is regular renewal of this extracellular fluid. Not every water can guarantee “eternal life”. The difference between a biologically active cell liquid and ordinary water is in its physical structure, the spatial arrangement of its molecules (geometry). Disturbing this order is related to illnesses.”

PI® Water meets the requirements that the human cell places on water. PI®Water gets into the cell quickly and with little expenditure of energy. The ageing process can be slowed, the perfect functioning of the organism is supported from within.

Cancer Prevention

Each day, approximately 3 litres of the intracellular water are reformed from the fluids taken in by the body. This reformation costs the body much energy and substance.

PI®-Water approaches the body’s intracellular cell water very closely in terms of its properties. The ordered, small-clustered structure and the energy level facilitate its penetration through the cell membrane.

Cholesterol Deposits

In every body cell, cholesterol regulates the permeability of the cell membrane to water. If the body lacks the intake of pure, energised water (=dehydration), it does not want to lose the valuable, remaining water in the blood through the cell walls and so seals them up with cholesterol. Regularly supplying the body and the cells with PI®-Water can reduce dehydration and the deposit of cholesterol in the vessels.

Cardiovascular Disease

PI® energising can demonstrably lower high positive redox potentials (+mV) of tap water. The colloidal condition of the blood is thus improved and the risk of cardiovascular disease reduced.

In addition, PI®-Water has a higher antioxidising ability than tap water, which supports the combat of free radicals in the organism.

“Healthy human blood is a relatively stable colloidal system. Destabilisation causes the unfavourable gel condition of the blood, which leads to blood thickening, agglutination, circulation disorders and even heart attack. Triggers of this destabilisation are increased zeta potential values (+mV or ‘high positive redox potential’), caused by, among other things, contamination of food with traces of aluminium or heavy metals. The treatment of tap water by chlorination, ozonisation or UV irradiation increases the zeta potential values and thus the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

Control of Colloid Stability through Zeta-Potential; Zeta Meter Inc., New York


Enzymes play a key role in the digestion process. They can only perform their biochemical function, however, if their hydrate envelope is regularly supplied with pure, energised and small-clustered water.

PI®-Water activates the enzymes, which leads to nutrients being absorbed more quickly and with less digestive effort. PI®-Water also has a strongly detoxifying and purging effect.

Consumer Information

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