Reports From Health Experts

“PI®-Technology is a matured method that, in combination with high-quality purifying units, brings highest security, comfort and quality to water preparation

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. Extensive studies prove the effectiveness of this technology.”

Barbara HENDEL, M.D.

Wasser vom Reinsten (Purest Water), INA Publishers

„PI®-Water exhibits the best energetic effect. What stands out here is that the heart meridian especially shows a maximum of energy in all subjects in the PI® test.“

Manfred DOEPP, M.D.

Nuclear and complementary medical professional, Holistic DiagCenter, Samerberg, D

„PI®-Water ideally assists the channelling out of heavy metals.“


Practice for holistic dentistry, Emmerich, D

„Anyone who is health-conscious should pay attention to the PI®-Power Compact device that produces drinking water with partial preparation from tap water which conforms to the best, natural spring water in its top quality, and thus also all sick people and those who want to counteract ageing processes and nurture beauty.“


Naturopath, TCM, Buchautor, Bremen, D

Latest microscopic examination of dried water drops under the dark field microscope gave the following results:

„To summarise, it was observed that PI®-Water is a water that is unusually differentiated, structured at multiple levels and energy-rich water such as no other water sample we observed even came close to.“


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ACO DE PAOU, Institut de Recherche et Développement Ecologique, Valernes, France