Purest water

“Purest water”

In order to make a statement on the effectiveness of the best known water enlivening devices, the INA publishing house commissioned an electroluminescence study for its book „Wasser vom Reinsten“ /“The purest of waters“ at the International Institute of Biophysics in Neuss under the management of Prof. Fritz-A. Popp

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. Further information on electroluminescence measurement can be found here.

Tap water was examined before and after enlivening by different devices.


The investigation shows that actually measurable, objective changes to water can be attained with water enlivening devices

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. The by far most significant change to the water shows the PI®POWER COMPACT Cell Vitalizer which combines the most important known enlivening technologies by turbulence, mineralisation and energization and supplements it with its patented ceramic technology.

The author of the book „Wasser vom Reinsten“ Frau Dr. Barbara Hendel reaches this verdict:

“PI® technology is a matured method that, in combination with high-quality purifying units, brings highest security, comfort and quality to water preparation. Extensive studies prove the effectiveness of this technology.”