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The John Guest push-fit tech­nol­o­gy has yet a long tra­di­tion in watertreat­ment- and bev­er­age  pro­duc­tion indus­try. It’s not only the wide range of con­nec­tors and pipes suit­ed for pipe con­nec­tions in the food indus­try, but the use of food proof mate­ri­als free of plas­ti­ciz­ers, bisphenol‑A, acetalde­hyde and anti­mo­ny. In addi­tion the pipes and con­nec­tors qual­i­fy for use in up to 10 bar high-pres­sure (depen­dent on the watertem­per­a­ture) pip­ing .

The  John Guest sys­tem is even for a lay­man easy to use with­out any spe­cial tools. Fol­low­ing just two sim­ple rules:

  • Cut­ting the pipes always in a 90° angle
  • Push­ing the pipes up to the stop into the con­nec­tor

every­body is able to make a clean and a leak tight con­nec­tion.

Secure connection with the John Guest push fit system.

IMPOR­TANT NOTE: There is some force nec­es­sary to plug in the pipe into the John Guest con­nec­tor. After insert­ing the pipe you‘ll feel the first resis­tance. This is the seal. You have to push the pipe through the seal until you real­ize a sec­ond resis­tance. Only then the John Guest con­nec­tion is leak tight.

Establishing a connection

No tools are need­ed for the con­nec­tion between a pipe an the con­nec­tor. The pipe is sim­ply plugged up to the stop into the con­nec­tor.

John Guest SteckverbindungssystemJohn Guest Steckverbindungssystem
As soon as the pipe is insert­ed into the retain­er the stain­less steel hooks hold it inside. The con­nec­tion is not leak tight yet. You have to push the pipe up to the stop (red cir­cle) into the con­nec­tor. The con­nec­tion is leak tight only by the O‑ring seal.

John Guest Steckverbindungssystem
You may check the con­nec­tion for its sta­bil­i­ty by a gen­tle pull back.

John Guest Steckverbindungssystem
To secure the con­nec­tion as well as to min­i­mize the fis­sur­ing and clear­ance insert the safe­ty clip between the connector’s body and the retain­er. The pipe can not be removed after. Just to be on the safe side, push the pipe in again.

Disconnect the connection

John Guest Steckverbindungssystem
Remove the secu­ri­ty clip at the retain­er you want to pull the pipe out.

John Guest Steckverbindungssystem
Push the retain­er into the connector’s body. We rec­om­mend to use an open-end wrench for this. It is includ­ed with the deliv­ery. Pull out the pipe out of the con­nec­tor in return.