Test at Hagalis

Crystal analysis of PI®-Water at Hagalis AG

The Hagalis Institute in Switzerland is considered as a pioneer in water research

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. Its crystal analyses represent one of the most informative methods of determining the overall water quality.

In addition to the astonishing accuracy and high validity of the Hagalis crystal analysis, the fact that any study is reproducible, therefore fulfilling the requirement of full scientificity, is especially compelling.

The following crystal images illustrate very clearly the change in crystal figures before and after passing through the PI®-Power Compact system.


Tap water, magnified 400 times


PI®-Water, magnified 400 times

“The enlargement (PI®-Water magnified 400 times) shows a beautiful star shaped 60° angular configuration, which you normally can only find in high quality spring water.” “In particular from the biological, but also technical point of view very good values have been obtained and the improvement versus the tap water is immense, so that the consumer can expect a very healthy, high-quality drinking water quality which is beneficial for him.”

(Andreas Schulz, Hagalis AG, Switzerland)

In its study, the Hagalis Institute also confirmed:

PI®-Power Compact

• Provides a strong energy enrichment
• Can reduce the redox potential to a peak value of -490 mV
• Reduces pollutants in tap water to 0
• Neutralises any contaminant information
• Forms crystal structures in the water, as in the best natural spring water
• Gives water bioavailable minerals and trace elements that stimulate and support metabolism.
• Provides the water with high vitality and biological value