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Study of PI®-Water by Prof. Bernd Kröplin

The Institute for Statics and Dynamics of Air and Space Structures (ISD) at the University of Stuttgart has been researching the subject of information transfer in water for some years

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. We can gain a deep insight into this matter through what are known as micro-optical studies of water drops. Using a dark field microscope, stable edges and crystalline structures within are visible in bioenergetically high-quality waters.

Polluted water shows no structures and immediately exhibits high instability under electromagnetic influences, such as mobile phone radiation
. The following pictures show the Institute’s micro-optical studies of tap water before and after passing through a PI®-Cell Vitalizer.

Tap water, magnified 400 times

PI®-Water, magnified 400 times

The results of the study by Prof

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. Kröplin show the enormous amount of information accumulated and the stabilisation experienced as a result of the tap water passing through the PI®-Cell Vitalizer.

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