Test, by Prof. Fritz-Albert POPP

Biophysical Testing of PI®-Technology (Prof

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. Popp)

Professor Popp has counted among Germany’s most important scientists since his discovery of “Biophotons”. His “International Institute for Biophysics e.V.” in Neuss conducts studies on behalf of governments and universities from around the world – for example for determining the quality of foodstuffs. Professor Popp developed electroluminescence measurement for examining water. By this method, water in a dark chamber is electrically excited by platinum electrodes and the biophoton emissions (recombination processes / counts) are measured with a photomultiplier.

Different irradiation processes signalise the dissimilitude of the water. Electroluminescence measurement is thus a way of scientifically illustrating material and ethereal differences or changes in water. The following applied for the investigation: the less the recombination processes (counts) occur after stimulation, the better the water fulfills its task in the organism according to Prof. Popp.

PI®-Water tests

Explanation of the measurement results

By treating tap water with PI®-Technology and reverse osmosis, the irradiation value drops from 508.50 to 13.97(!). Lauretana – Europe’s lightest water attained a value of 17.4 in another test conducted by Professor Popp.

According to the scientific results of Professor Popp, upon treatment of tap water with PI®-Technology, a significant change in water quality takes place

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. In combination with reverse osmosis, the PI®-Water even reached comparable values to the well-known ‘living’spring water Lauretana, which counts as one of the best waters on the market.

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