4. Energisation

Phase 4: Energisation

Pi Power Compact energisation

The unique PI® POWER COMPACT 4-phase technology turns your tap water into perfect water.

In the fourth and final phase, the purified, swirled and slightly mineralised water flows further downwards through high-energy ceramics and crystals which energise it and comprehensively enliven it.

YMS®-PI® ceramics

Also patented are the YMS®-PI® ceramic
. Selected Japanese high mountain crystals charge the water with their natural energy and increase its anti-oxidative power by increasing electron activity in the water.

BCS-(Bio Control System) PI® ceramics (type SS-16)

BCS-PI® ceramics (type SS-16) emit traces of iron ions (Fe2Fe3) into the water

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. This ion combination, which can also be found in natural cell water, influences the so-called “electron spin” and the energetic structure of the water.

The consequence is the formation of bioenergetic waves which are in resonance with the natural cell oscillation and favour in particular the transfer of information between the cells.

In the last part of the cartridge the BCS-PI®-ceramics are supported by the simultaneous action of zeolite crystals: as highly porous biocatalysts, they can absorb harmful micromolecules such as ammonium and arsenic and optimise the energising in an interplay with BCS-PI®-ceramic.

Energy level regulator

Pi Power Compact energy level regulator

When the water is back at the base of the PI®-Cell-Vitalizer, it streams upwards in the middle of the device along a rod magnet and emerges in the direction of the tap.

The PI®-Cell-Vitalizer magnet

sets the energy level of the water flowing through to the optimum value for the energetic coordination of human cell water (procedure in accordance with YAMASHITA and MAKINO) and thus concludes the 4th phase of water preparation.

Consumer Information

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